2022 Conference Registration

If you are new to the Conference, or under the age of 22, your room and meals are free! (All sessions are free admission, and no collections are ever taken). So the entire conference is completely free — just like God’s amazing grace! And if you’ve been to CBC before, you have the option to pay only half of the cost. Please fill in the form below, and submit to Bruce or Cheri Blake at the link provided.

2019 Registration form – Word Document (preferred)

2019 Registration form – PDF form

Discounts Available

First time visitors: 100% discount

Your first attendance at CBC in the last 5 years is completely free, thanks to the generosity of brethren who donated to our endowment fund and the blessings of relative economic prosperity which have allowed the fund to grow each year.

All conference attendees: optional 50% discount

If you choose, feel free to pay half of the cost of your room and meals, no questions asked. If the Lord has blessed you financially, feel equally free to pay your full freight, so that we can continue to expand the benefits of the conference to a widening circle of Christian believers who appreciate the hope of Christ’s impending kingdom. But please, don’t hesitate to come because of budget issues!

All young people: 100% discount for children and adults under the age of 22.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
Children must attend the primary, VBS or youth group classes appropriate to their age group, and young adults who receive the discount must commit to attending at least 80% of the sessions. You are here to hear, and learn — and if that’s why you attend, we are eager to welcome you at no charge.

Early Registrants: 10% discount

If you register and pay before July 22, take another 10% off of whatever you pay. Our volunteer staff thank you!

Travel discounts – Please apply

If you live a long way away, or have a very tight budget, please write to our Conference Chairman and ask for travel cost assistance. We are eager to help you if we can.

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