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What is this Conference all about?

Learning more about God's purpose for us and fellowship as Christians. Once a year, Christian believers from a variety of backgrounds from around the world gather to share together in the wonderful love and grace of God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. This year’s conference focuses on one of the most common unifying beliefs of those who gather here — a faith that the purpose of Christ’s return is to bless all the families of the earth. We will be studying the resurrection of all, the restoration of all things — life from the dead for all the world of mankind.

Why do people attend it?
The Conference offers one of the few times in the year when people who share faith in Jesus and consecration to serve Him unto death, can meet without worrying about sectarian differences of opinion. We can all can escape the worldly environment which often adds stress to our lives, and focus on matters of faith and fellowship of the spirit. In a way, this is a foretaste of what eternity will be like in the ages to come. The Conference always provides something to take home and apply to our lives as Christians.

Who sponsors it?
It is sponsored solely thru generosity of volunteers, committed believers who share in the one common ground found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Who attends it?
People of all ages and various ethnic backgrounds attend the CBC. People travel here from other countries as far away as Greece, England and here in the states from California and Alaska to as close as New Hampshire. It's also a great time of the year to see the East Coast.

If I attend, what can I expect?
You can expect a wonderful and glorious time of worship thru the hearing and studying of God’s Word, in the exaltation of song, in the binding together of brotherly fellowship, and in intercessory corporate prayer.

Is there a dress code?   There is no dress code. Some folks wear casual summer clothing, including shorts and T-shirts. Others wear something more like “business casual” — collared shirts and slacks or skirts. Speakers usually wear collared shirts and ties, often with a jacket. We only ask that basic modesty be considered.

What is a typical program?
A typical program would include devotions in the morning, followed by a sermon, interest groups in the afternoon, praise service at night followed by a sermon and closing with vespers with plenty of fellowship time interspersed throughout the day.

Is the Conference family orientated or just for adults?
The CBC is a wonderful time for families of all ages to get together and experience the spirit of Christ as it moves among the hearts of men, women and children of all ages.

What are the facilities and accommodation like?
The accommodation is wonderful, convenient and comfortable. All the buildings are air-conditioned and within a short walking distance of each other.

What is the sleeping and eating arrangements like?
Dormitory living facilities are provided and cafeteria style meals are the norm.

How is this Conference supported?
The Conference is supported totally through the generosity and free will donations of brethren from around the globe.

How old in this Conference?
In 2008 the Conference celebrated it’s 100th year – making it the longest running Bible Student Conference in the world.

Can I attend for a day or so to see if I like it?
You can attend for as long as you like. Individual day pricing is conveniently provided. We think though, that once you come and experience the family of Christ atmosphere, you’ll find it hard not to stay the entire week.

Are transportation services offered by the Conference from the airport?
Transportation is provided both ways to and from Boston’s Logan Airport and is free of charge.

Does the Conference have a program for teens and younger children?
VBS and teen programs are provided and a Youth Worship service is even incorporated into the adult program.

Does the Conference have a nursery for babies?
At the 2023 Conference, nursery care is being handled by volunteers on a case by case basis.

Is there a lot of walking involved?
The distance from the auditorium in the Jenks Library to the dining hall is about 300 yards. The distance from the dining hall to the dormitories is about 100 yards. Automobile transportation is provided to anyone who requests it.

On a beautiful college campus, however, the walk along tree-lined, paved pathways is quite pleasant and invigorating.

Additional opportunities for walking, around campus and to the two beautiful lakes which surround the back side of the campus, are available.

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