How to Donate

If you would like to donate to the Christian Believers Conference, please send all correspondence to: 
 Br. Jack Porter 
60 Grant St. Westminister, VT 05159
 C: 802-289-4911 


  1. In January 2001 the American Psychiatric Association was already warning the general public} about Internet gambling. In a public well being advisory, it famous that outcome of|as a outcome of} online sites aren't regulated, no measures were being taken to stop underage gamblers from collaborating. It considered kids and teenagers, who already play non-gambling games on the Internet, at vital risk of being lured to gambling sites. It additionally famous that few safeguards had been in place to ensure the equity of the Internet games or to ascertain exactly who had responsibility for working them.

  2. The Foundation likewise underscore that the Charity Difficulties Occasions Code should be perused related to the Code of Gathering pledges Practice all in all.